About Us

At Medieval Metal, our mission is to produce and create artwork while maintaining a commitment to the environment. We are a work in progress that began by establishing the patented and unique Hair Twister.  Another breakthrough product that followed was our Ponytail Wraps.  We continued from there to create innovative and practical products like our Hair Hooks, which provide the customer with function and style.  Our products are then marketed and distributed to a range of consumers varying from Renaissance Fairs and Bike Shows to Bike Retailers and Wholesale customers.

Sean and Erika Potter of Cardiff, CA established Medieval Metal in 1998.  They originally made and sold jewelry and hand-wrapped wine glasses.  They creatively used wire and wrapped the stems of the glasses by hand.  During that endeavor, the glasses started breaking and they were left with just the metal spiral. Realizing they needed a new product, and using what they had, they came up with the idea of using the spiral for their hair.  From then on, they started developing their ideas for unique hair accessories.