Bristol Renaissance Faire

Good day! 
We bring exciting news to you all. 
Not only are we at the Great Lakes renaissance faire,
but we are also at Bristol Renaissance Faire!!!
We have an awesome team of young maidens,
and handsome knights to help you and your 
hair accessory needs. Come check out our booth! 
There will be lots of fun and exciting things for everyone! 
With a rousing Huzzah, and a great deal of merriment the Bristol Renaissance Faire
proudly presents an all new Kid’s Kingdom for 2015. This marks the first time in nearly
two decades that a whole new land has arisen for the pleasure and
comfort of our audience of all ages.  Sixteen Bristol entertainment stages
feature nonstop music, merriment, feats of daring and an eclectic assortment of
comedic performers who invite their audiences to become part of the act.
So come on out and say hi!
Peace, Love, & Good Vibes from Medieval Metal 

St. Louis' Last Weekend!

This weekend is the last weekend for St. Louis Renaissance Festival! Make sure you to check it out because this is the only time of year they will be in town. There will be plenty of fun and new things to do. They will have food, games, shows, a theme for this weekend, and even more exciting things! 
This faire only lasted a few weekends, and wont be back this year! 
So make sure you get a chance to go for even just one day. 
And before going, you'll want to make sure that you fit the part. We have fleur de lis hair hooks that are perfect for this faire! You have to get one for yourself. We will also be selling them at the faire if you don't have time to get one this week. Stop by our booth and make sure to check out all of the hair goodies we will be selling. 
Don't think that this hair hook is your thing? No problem, we have charms that will fit perfectly at the end of any ponytail wrap, or a small charm at the end of our hair twisters. There's something for everybody! 
If you do end up going and taking pictures, send them to us and we might upload them to our blog! 
We hope to see you there!
Peace, Love, & Good Vibes, from Medieval Metal 

Georgia's Renaissance Festivals Last Weekend!

This is the last weekend for Georgia Renaissance Festival this year! 
You should head over this weekend and make sure to say hi. 
We will have a booth set up with all of our product. 
Each weekend is themed so have a little fun, and dress up this weekend. 
Below is one of the "pirate" themed weekends! 
We have plenty of pirate and wench jewelry + hair accessories. 
So if you want to get you captain jack sparrow on, you know 
where to find us. 
There will be games, shows, food, good company, music, and even a few surprises. 
We hope to see you all there! 
Peace, Love, & Good Vibes from Medieval Metal 

Steam Punk

Good day!

    There are many different "themes" when dressing for a renaissance faire. Many think of the knight in shining armor that saves the damsel in distress dressed in elegant embroidered robes. But there are far more costumes and "themes" than the traditional renaissance ones. In todays blog post we are going to tell you about a theme that originated in the victorian era and has evolved and taken shape into something fun and eye catching. 

      So now that we have thoroughly peaked your interest on the subject of steam punk I'm sure you all are very curious to see the end results of a steam punk themed outfit or piece of jewelry. Well you just happen to be in luck my friends! We have 4 different steam punk themed elf cuffs that we sell on our website. Below are some photos of them: 

      These would make excellent additions to any steam punk outfit. While most cosplayers have the utility belts, the goggles, and the necklaces all in the steam punk style, we are one of the only companies that make elf cuffs in this unique style. This is a must have if you are looking to have an edge to your costume. So scroll on over to our elf cuff page and get yourself a pair of steam punk elf cuffs now! 

  Peace, Love, and Good Vibes from Medieval Metal 

New Products!

Good day! 

   We bring you grand news. We have new products out and we want to share them with you. We have three new "themes" and here they are: Fleur de lis, Tree of life, and the Cthulhu. They come in large charms, small charms, hair hooks, and the octopus come in elf cuffs. Below are the charm forms of each of the products. 

     Each charm comes in a large size as well as a small size. We have something for everybody! From the pirate loving hooligans, to the tree loving hippies, we have it all. Below is a photo of one of the three new hair hooks. They all come in silver and gold as well. 

    Check out our website and see what other goodies we have for you! We are constantly trying to come up with new ideas and new product for our customers. If you have any good ideas let us know! 

Peace, Love, & Good Vibes from Medieval Metal 

St. Louis

Hello and good day to you all, 

   We bring you some good news! We are at the St. Louis renaissance faire this year! This is our first year at this location and we would love to see and meet the locals. Come by our booth and say hello! Here are a few things that this faire is doing: 

- They are allowing dogs into the show! 

- They are having a mural contest, which can allow you to win $500

-They are having weddings at the faire

- And they are having a deaf awareness weekend

   These are just a few of the many things that are happening over the course of the faire. here is the website:http://www.stlrenfest.mcjr.net/ You should really come on out and check it out! There will be good food, friends, and awesome shopping.


   Peace, Love, And Good Vibes from Medieval Metal 

We LOVE our Customers

       This beautiful tuesday morning we wanted to give a shout out to some of our customers! We love that you love our products, so to give a special thanks we are giving a couple of you a shout out. Here are a few of the customers who spent some time with us this past weekend at a local show in San Diego. 

       The first couple photos are of sisters who spent awhile at our shop just chatting, and having a good time. We appreciate the time you took to look over all of the product we offer and enjoyed your company! We hope to see you at many more festivals! 


       They are both rocking our elf cuff product. We love how they made it their own by only wearing one, and on the other ear they have their own dangly earring. 


        While this next group of ladies were awesome to hang out with and talk to as well. You can really see they have a flare for fashion. Two of the women are wearing crowns, while the middle lady is wearing out ponytail wraps with charms at the end. We just adore the personal touches each of these friends put on our product! 

      Here is a closer look at the ponytail wraps: 

    We are looking forward to meeting many more future customers and friends! Come out to one of the shows and tell us what your favorite piece is. We just might blog about you!

Peace, Love, and Good Vibes, from Medieval Metal 


Happy Friday!

  We are super excited to tell you about an event coming up this weekend. This weekend at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival they will be having a Fantasy theme where you can dress up and enter a costume contest. Adults and children are welcome to enter! If your costume is the most epic you can win a prize. Below are a few photos of some rad costumes that past patrons have worn: 


     These women chose two separate themes, one a more mythical creature with horns, and make-up to match that fantasy theme. While the other chose an outfit that closely resembles a female knight. Both are awesome, and just imagine what your outfit can look like if you add a couple of pieces of our products! 

    As for these men, one resembles a knight with all of his shiny armor and sword. While the other has the uncanny resemblance of a viking with his pet eagle, long robes, and fur. 

    And lets not forget about the children costumes! Here is a little wood nymph with long red hair, twigs, and leaves adoring her outfit she blends right into the forest. So we hope to see you all decked out in your fantasy glory this weekend! 

     Peace, Love and Good Vibes from Medieval Metal 

Favorite things

There are so many different ways to wear our products and over here at Medieval Metal we wanted to show you just how many different ways there are to make our products yours. Being able to add that extra touch to a hair twister, ponytail wrap, or hair hook and wear it a certain way can really show your personality. So below are a couple photos of our customers who purchased our products at a renaissance festival. They all are unique and original ways. 

As you can see above, this customer went all out and bought hair twisters, hair armor, and even charms. This is a pretty rad way to wear multiple items at once. 

While this little girl went with a more feminine approach to her hair accessories. She added a rose hair hook to the top, as well as a rose charm at the bottom of the ponytail wrap. And she's rocking this look with a smile on her face, and a giant chunk of meat in her hand. 

And then we have this customer who went with a pigtail look, but added a crown, and matching earrings to give it a complete look. 

Again, we see another little girl wearing a very feminine look with a crown, a butterfly hair hook and charm, as well as a ponytail wrap. She keeps it fun and even matches her shirt with the pink jewel on the crown! This girls got style. 


    We hope to see you at one of the shows this coming weekend! Come by and say hi! If you send us some photos of you rocking our product we just might post them to our website. 

      Peace, Love, And Good Vibes from Medieval Metal 

Music is a lifestyle

       While Coachella might be over, music festivals, and summer time shows are just now gearing up. Below are a few photos of our products being worn by our customers. They spent weekend 2 at Coachella and found that these pieces kept them on trend. 

Summer is wearing out finger bracelet and elf cuff.

While Holly is wearing the ear cuff. 

And Summer is now rocking our hair twister in the photo above. 

And both girls rock the anklets.

     So for your next music festival or show what will you wear? Send us your pictures and we just might upload them to our website for everyone to see! 

Peace, Love, And Good Vibes from Medieval Metal 

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