Hair Twisters

Charm Small Cthulhu - Gold

$ 5.00

Hair Twisters

Charm Small Cthulhu - Gold

$ 5.00

A chic, quirky charm can beautifully highlight your unique taste, while transforming an ordinary piece into a cute and stylish accessory.


  • Unusual and interesting octopus emblem really catches your attention.
  • Silver overlay on brass with good quality finish – doesn’t lose its shine for a long time.
  • Intricate and subtle design – the intertwining arms are extensively detailed.
  • The charm is for exclusive use with the Hair Twisters.
  • Relatively small in size, but not too tiny – it is lightweight, so you can wear it for hours without feeling uncomfortable.
  • A single glass bead at the center looks stunning – available in multiple versatile shades.
  • Tiny gold dots are used to highlight the weaving pattern of the octopus motif.


It is time to bring out your inner diva with a fashionable hairdo accentuated by this trinket. Try it at your next party – you will be a trendsetter of sorts! Ready to place your order?


Style Tip: Cthulu Octopus for your mini Hairtwister Steampunk and Pirate wear. 


* Weight: 2 grams 

* Dimensions: .75" x .75" 

* Metal: Gold overlay on Brass

* Color: Gold 

* Bead: Glass 

* Size: Small Charm 

* Mini Hair Twister is sold separate

* This Small Charm is only for use with the Mini Hair Twisters

* This charm will not fit on a Ponytail Wrap