Hair Twisters

Hair Hook Dragon - Silver, Ponytail Holder

$ 20.00

Hair Twisters

Hair Hook Dragon - Silver, Ponytail Holder

$ 20.00

This silver dragon hair hook ponytail holder is finely crafted and unique. Not only is this fierce and beautiful piece an eye catcher, but also a conversation starter. The oriental styled horned dragon bearing its fangs is the perfect fit for the woman who wants to add major roar factor to her personal style. A simple ponytail suddenly becomes a fashion statement with this silver and highly detailed Hair Hook holding the style in place.

This Hair Hook easily adorns any hairstyle quickly and effortlessly. After securing hair with an elastic tie, use the hook on the back of the piece to slide it "or hook it" to the band. A black ouchless elastic hair tie is included with purchase, but any similar product will work to secure the hair hook ornament. One size fits all. 

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Style Tip: Try the Hair Hook with a Ponytail Wrap and matching charm to create a unique set

Product Details:

* One size fits all

* Each Hair Hook comes with one black ouchless elastic hair tie.

* Weight 18. grams

* Dimensions 2" W x 2" H

* Metal: Silver overlay on Brass

* Color: Silver

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