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Favorite things

There are so many different ways to wear our products and over here at Medieval Metal we wanted to show you just how many different ways there are to make our products yours. Being able to add that extra touch to a hair twister, ponytail wrap, or hair hook and wear it a certain way can really show your personality. So below are a couple photos of our customers who purchased our products at a renaissance festival. They all are unique and original ways. 

As you can see above, this customer went all out and bought hair twisters, hair armor, and even charms. This is a pretty rad way to wear multiple items at once. 

While this little girl went with a more feminine approach to her hair accessories. She added a rose hair hook to the top, as well as a rose charm at the bottom of the ponytail wrap. And she's rocking this look with a smile on her face, and a giant chunk of meat in her hand. 

And then we have this customer who went with a pigtail look, but added a crown, and matching earrings to give it a complete look. 

Again, we see another little girl wearing a very feminine look with a crown, a butterfly hair hook and charm, as well as a ponytail wrap. She keeps it fun and even matches her shirt with the pink jewel on the crown! This girls got style. 


    We hope to see you at one of the shows this coming weekend! Come by and say hi! If you send us some photos of you rocking our product we just might post them to our website. 

      Peace, Love, And Good Vibes from Medieval Metal 

  • Post author
    Sean Potter