• New Products!

New Products!

Good day! 

   We bring you grand news. We have new products out and we want to share them with you. We have three new "themes" and here they are: Fleur de lis, Tree of life, and the Cthulhu. They come in large charms, small charms, hair hooks, and the octopus come in elf cuffs. Below are the charm forms of each of the products. 

     Each charm comes in a large size as well as a small size. We have something for everybody! From the pirate loving hooligans, to the tree loving hippies, we have it all. Below is a photo of one of the three new hair hooks. They all come in silver and gold as well. 

    Check out our website and see what other goodies we have for you! We are constantly trying to come up with new ideas and new product for our customers. If you have any good ideas let us know! 

Peace, Love, & Good Vibes from Medieval Metal