2nd weekend of Scarborough Renaissance Festival April 11 & 12, 2015. Royal Ale Festival weekend

Come check us out at the festival!


This weekend is Royal Ale Festival. Here are the details:

April 11 & 12: Royal Ale Festival

Bring your friends and enjoy tastings of assorted beer along with a variety of entertainment!

  • - Royal Ale Festival Event Information:
    • o Each day from 1:00pm—3:00pm in the Crown Pavilion
    • o Tickets are $10 per person and may be purchased online before the tasting.
  • - Turkey Leg Eating Contest
    • o Think you can be the first person to finish a Giant Turkey Leg? Register to compete at the Front Gate upon your arrival.
      • The contest will be held at the Captain’s Pub at 3:00pm both days