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St. Louis

Hello and good day to you all, 

   We bring you some good news! We are at the St. Louis renaissance faire this year! This is our first year at this location and we would love to see and meet the locals. Come by our booth and say hello! Here are a few things that this faire is doing: 

- They are allowing dogs into the show! 

- They are having a mural contest, which can allow you to win $500

-They are having weddings at the faire

- And they are having a deaf awareness weekend

   These are just a few of the many things that are happening over the course of the faire. here is the website:http://www.stlrenfest.mcjr.net/ You should really come on out and check it out! There will be good food, friends, and awesome shopping.


   Peace, Love, And Good Vibes from Medieval Metal 

  • Post author
    Sean Potter